This is what independence looks like

IndiAide is a user-friendly software that allows individuals to stay organized, connected, and independent.

IndiAide supports individuals and families in tracking medications, appointments, medical diagnoses, to-do lists, therapy goals and activities, and important contacts.

With IndiAide, individuals can also enjoy receiving and sharing photos with their family, and can easily contact their loved ones, friends, and medical providers.

Manage Medications & Appointments

IndiAide helps users schedule and track their medications and appointments

Stay Connected

Easily stay connected with friends and family, and view shared photos, videos, and messages

Organize Daily Tasks

Whether it's a to-do list or a therapy activity, stay on top of it all within our user-friendly app

Customize your Individualized Aide for your unique needs

Who we serve


Use IndiAide to remember important tasks, communicate with your family and medical staff, and complete daily activities independently.


Help your loved one improve their independence while ensuring that they remember important daily activities such as taking medications.


Advance quality and continuity of care across settings, and improve therapeutic alliance and communication between patients and their families.

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